Easy Sukasana, Opening Meditation

Seated Cat / Cow
Sweep arms from ground to overhead, then hands to belly and lift crossed legs x 3
Butterfly Stretch
Pointer pulse with Butterfly feet

All Fours
Cat / Cow
Spinal Balance
Leg presses up and extend (both sides) x 5
Sunbirds (emphasize core)

Twisted Dog both sides

Half Sun Salutes
Surya Namaskar B x 3
Balancing Stick Pose x 2

Forward Fold with twists

One arm plank holds
Vinyasa (with Plank to ab crunch Plank x 5)

Lunge Namaste Hands
Warrior 3 Namaste Hands (bend and straighten standing leg x 3)
Hands down jump x 3
Plank Vinyasa flow (knee to nose x 5)

Crouching Eagle
Warrior 3 w/ Eagle Arms
Fingertips down to Balance Half Moon
Warrior 2
Reverse Warrior
One arm plank hold

(do this both sides)

Navasana Cactus arms
Hover legs (R/L, then both)
Boat full, then up to cactus