Opening Meditation

Seated gentle twists
Seated half moon stretches
Seated gentle chest stretch

Cat/Cow flow

Half Surya

Walk Downdog
First Cobra (repeat 3 times) look over right shoulder, and then left

Surya Namaskar A x 2
Surya Namaster B x 2 with high crescent lunges

Three legged dog/Flip Dog option
Side Plank (option to sweep arm front to sky 2x)
High Lunge arm variations (airplane, cactus)
Lunge twist
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Reverse Warrior
Warrior 2
Balancing Half Moon Bound variation

REPEAT on other side

Warrior 1 with chest opener
Humble Warrior
Step into Eagle
Balance knee lift (hands to hips)
Warrior 3 airplane arms
Standing Splits
Balancing Half Moon (Ardha Chandra Chapasana variation)

REPEAT on other side

Salambasana x 2 (arm variations)

Bow pose (half bow variation for beginners) x 2


Seated Marichyasana twist or matsyendrasana

Happy Baby Pose