I feel so emotional today. I feel like crying. It’s not even a sad day. No, I’m not getting a visit from Aunt Flo. I am feeling heavy in the heart. Sadness, anger…just emotional.

I did a Yin flow in my own practice yesterday and taught the same sequence afterwards. I wasn’t feeling any sort of emotions during class, just a dull ache in my outer hips.

Crash. My evening was spent laughing away and making quirky remarks maybe to suppress my feelings. Today, I’m feeling like an emotional wreck. I realize I do JUST that. I tend to laugh things off, rather than deal. The pattern I realize I got from my Mom, who always did that. I love my Mom, but I’m not her nor do I want to be eaten away by suppressing emotions in. Ughh. I am like her. Time to change.

So I can deal with this. I will not dwell in this mixed up martini of emotions today.

Yin can bring up emotions. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some experience clarity.

Last night, I was conversing with a student who is studying to be a yoga teacher. In class, she always is acknowledging emotions that come up. We frequently talk about her thoughts after class. Yesterday, for HER, it was a path or, next step in her career. She told me it dawned on her that she wanted to specialize in prenatal and postnatal yoga. It was so amazing to feel her happy energy and her realization during yesterday’s class.

Take a moment to observe. To face the emotions. When they do emerge, don’t sweep them under the rug. Ask yourself why you are feeling that way and what is the next step in a positive direction for you.

Welcome to the Yin side.