Baby Hopper (a junior version of Grasshopper pose)

I’ve been seeing such wonderful and
inspirational poses on Instagram (IG) with group that tag themselves “May the Force be with Yogis.” A pose I came across is called “Baby Hopper,” a derivative of Grasshopper pose. This one seems more accessible to students as an arm balance, but it does require open hips and twisting. Remember, always consult a physician before exercising and know this pose isn’t for every BODY. Remember, no pain tolerance rule!!!!
Prepare yourself with tons of Sun Salutations. I always include core work so students can awaken their strength, Manipura chakra. I add twist work, such as chair twists, lunge twists and revolved balancing half moon. Put some hamstring work in it as well…standing splits, triangle pose, etc. Then, prepare.

Step 1.
Come into a lunge. Then, look down at your mat, slowly come on the outer edge of the back foot and slide the top leg to center. Set yourself down and marinate to open side torso and outer hips.


Step 2.
Get a little deep in the pose. Both forearms down on mat.


Step 3. Hug the top knee. Play around with where you feel the best stretch.


Step 4.
Slide the bottom leg forward so you can grab it. Lift the leg and slowly lean forward. This variation is on the forearm. Draw your collar bones forward!


The other variation is on your hand with chartarunga arm as you pull your collarbones forward.


Have fun playing around with this pose! Remember that little steps will get you there. The key is to have your back thigh close to your front calf! Work on each step one by one until you’re ready to take the fullest pose.
(Dedicated to my friend Linda)