My yoga sister shares her recipe for Chinese soup! I can’t wait to try it!

Pretzeling My Way to Happiness

As the seasons change, I can definitely feel the chills within my body.  My nose started getting stuffy and I’ve been sneezing up a storm.  Sometimes I’d sneeze so hard that it felt like part of my brain shot out from my nose.

The transitional period between seasons is a great time to replenish your body and prepare it for what’s to come.  I love pumpkin-spiced latte, butternut squash ravioli, persimmon pudding… but before I indulge, I need to follow the ancient Chinese wisdom and condition my body so I don’t get sick from the changing weather (and the indulgence)!

When I was a little girl, my parents always made me chicken or spare rib soup with dried red dates and goji berries (yes, before them berries became trendy).  The red dates and goji berries will make any soup slightly sweeter, making it my personal favorite growing up… especially when…

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