60 – 75 min
Yin Sequence for Side Lines…

For more asana / picture details, visit my teacher’s site at yinyoga.com. This flow was created to get into the side lines….please allow a moment to pause and do any counter movements after coming out of the asana. Remember to consult a physician before beginning any exercise regimen. Listen and ride your edges. Back off whenever you need to.

Savasana (set intentions)
Bananasana (5 min)
Seated Caterpillar Pose (4 min)
Seated Eye of the Needle (2 min)
Transition Supine Eye of the Needle (3 min)
Shoelace (3 min)
Dangling (3 min) cross ankle
Sleeping Swan (4 min)
(Repeat from Bananasana to Sleeping Swan on the other side)
Supine Windshield Wiper Open Twist (3 min each side)