This sequence was inspired by one of my students. Sometimes, when we worry or think too much — it could be a sign of disharmony in the Stomach and Spleen Meridians. I also incorporated some chest openers to help ease into the breath. For instance, when I worry — I tend to curl up and not breath as freely. Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians are also stimulated here….REMEMBER Everybody is different, but give it a try and see how you feel. As always, check with your physician before approaching anytime of exercise. Even Yin. Comments and questions always welcomed!

Opening Meditation
Square Pose or suhkasana (fold) 3 minutes each side – just to ease into the hips
Half Butterfly or Half Frog – fold over extended leg for 1 min, then as the edge changes, option to lean to the side and “half nelson” the other arm behind you and let the ear descend to shoulder to release neck tension or support with hand 2 mins — total of 3 minutes each side
Dragonfly – ease in, don’t too deep. 5 minutes fold.
Stay in Dragonfly, grab a strap and add a chest opener with the strap (1 min)
*Baby Dragon 1 minute Dragon Low 1 minute Winged Dragon 1 minute  1/2 Splits counter pose 1 minute
Downdog -walk dog* (repeat from * on other side)
Sphinx with knees bent (3-5 minutes)
Windshield Wiper Twist (also known as pregnancy twist) 3 minutes each side
Rest and breathe out to release the worry
Remember, each posture does have a break and to pause, notice what you are feeling in the body. This sequence is about 60 minutes. Take your time. As always “pain, no pain” is the motto. Especially if you are feeling it in the knees. For more information on postures, visit my teacher’s site (Bernie Clark) at