This sequence was inspired by one one my students. In this flow, we work from bottom to top. As always, if you are beginning any type of exercise, always consult your physician first. Approach your edge carefully and skillfully without reckless abandon. Listen to your body.

Child’s Pose (Opening Meditation)
Side Body Stretch in Child’s pose (reach hands right, left and center)
Baby Toe Squat (Tuck toes, push hands into mat, shift weight back to ease in) 1 min
Toe Squat (option to stay in lower option) 3 mins
Ankle Stretch 3 mins
Table top Calf Stretch (from
Table top, extend right leg and place toes down, shift weight back and feel calves, Achilles and heel) 1.5 min each side
Squat (Malasana) 3 mins
Dangle 2 mins
Lunge to 1/2 Dragon Splits 2 mins
Flex toes, come to the outer edge of foot and bend knee to Winged Dragon 3mins
(Repeat from Lunge to 1/2 Splits to Winged Dragon)
Sphinx to Seal 5 mins
Prone rest
shoulder stretch prone (5 point stretch)
Seated neck:trapezius release (Ear to shoulder) 2-3 mins