This sequence is targeting tissues throughout the side seams of our body. In my perspective here, I’ve also included targeting the tissues under the arms. Side seams can mean arms up or down. That’s my intention to this sequence.

Have blocks, sandbags and a blanket. Each upper body pose is timed for three minutes. The lower body and supine poses are between 3-5 minutes. As always, listen to your inner teacher, your inner guru. If there is any pain or electrical sensation, please come out. Please consult your physician before attempting.

Opening Meditation

Child’s Pose
Child’s Pose, Thread the Needle Right Arm
Child’s Pose, Thread the Needle Left Arm
Anahastasana (targeting the tissues of the underarms) OPTION – use blocks or Half-Anahastasana
Child’s Pose, Reach hands towards left corner of mat. Place right hand on top of left and shift right sitz bones to right heel.
Child’s Pose, Reach hands towards right corner of mat. Place left hand on top of right and shift left sitz bones to left heel.
Twisted Branches, Right Arm
Twisted Branches, Left Arm
Broken Wing, Right Arm
Broken Wing, Left Arm
Come to seated position
Shoelace Pose OPTION – Half-Shoelace or Supine Shoelace Right Side
Shoelace Pose Left Side
Bananasasana  (Right Side) to Eye of the Needle Right Side
Bananasasana (Left Side) to Eye of the Needle Left Side
Twisted Roots Left
Twisted Roots Right