In two weeks, I will be teaching my first inversion workshop. Yin Yoga Lisa, you might ask? I hardly see her going upside down!

Most folks who know my personal practice know I try my best to balance the Yin and the Yang. That’s all they know. However, I do have a handful of my friends see my journey and my struggle on my yoga mat. I try to keep that private, because I truly wanted to develop on my own. 

In my journey, it has been a struggle with myself, my inner doubts and understanding the true process. It has been less about getting into the elusive handstand or any inversion for that matter. My journey — ever evolving. Evolution of strength, wisdom and courage. To step outside the box. To fall and get back up again. No matter how much my head kept saying to quit, I didn’t.

So, as I share my journey to inversions in this workshop — all I know is that I’ll be honest. I’ve taken plenty of inversion workshops and arm balance/inversion teacher trainings and while I never nailed that handstand there – I knew they were baby steps. Even registering for an inversion workshop took so much courage to muster up!!! 

Authenticity. No visage. I am not a gymnast, but I will share what I have learnt. The key tid-bits from trainings. The journey. 

Are you will to take that small step too?Join me Saturday, March 11, 11-1pm at The Yoga Company San Ramon. Let’s just have fun. Register at Only a few spots left. 

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”

-Shannon L. Alder