Sharing A Story of Compassion…Tenzin’s Story

I recently read an article today by Linda Ross Swanson, free-lance writer from Portland, Oregon - that left me flooded with so much awareness, attention, inspiration today. Love here - healing energy medicine in this story is in action.  Sitting Downwind from Flowers By Linda Ross Swanson A few years ago, Seattle, Washington, a 52-year-old … Continue reading Sharing A Story of Compassion…Tenzin’s Story

The best part of your life is over

So inspiring, I have to share this story.

Yoga & Joyful Living

This humbling article made me rethink my approach to yoga. You see, I’m really good at finding excuses (of course I don’t call them excuses, I call them reasons – after all, I’m just being reasonable here, right?). I can’t practise because of hay fever. My wrist is painful. My right knee is acting up.

But are these really reasons? Or strategies our ingenious mind comes up with to tell us we really can’t roll out the mat now and we should instead take the easter chocolate rabbit out of the cupboard and rip the nice, shiny wrapper off its ears? The overwhelming sensation of melting chocolate now becomes almost palatable, no? But hang on – how about a box of tissues next to the mat, or doing side plank on your forearm, or focusing on upper body work to give the knee a break?

These are…

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Skeletal Variation, Tension, Compression…response from Paul Grilley

If you haven't read it yet, a recent article came out speaking about "flexibility" and the correlation of injuries and yoga. This brought attention to Yin Yoga Master, Paul Grilley and he was asked to comment on the recent article NY Times published, "Women's flexibility is a Liability (in yoga)." Mr. Grilley responded back with … Continue reading Skeletal Variation, Tension, Compression…response from Paul Grilley