Yin Yoga Sequences

Many of my students ask for my yoga sequences. Here are a few of them that you can try at home. Remember, always come to a manageable edge with a sense of curiosity and receptivity.

“Everyone’s bones are shaped differently — individual bones of the body conflict with the universal laws of alignment… we have to bring to yoga practice open mindedness” – Paul Grilley

Lisa Jang Yoga Supine Heart Opener Neck and Shoulders Yin Sequence
Lisa Jang Yoga Radiant Release Yin Sequence

img_6754 Yin, Sweet Hips

image Superficial Back Line (Fascia Plane) 

IMG_3559 Listen to Inner Wisdom: Kidney & UB Meridian Lines

IMG_8900 Unfold, Unravel Upper and Lower Body

IMG_2946 Stomach and Spleen Meridians

20140104-112923.jpg Side Seams (Upper and Lower Body)